Hakuna matata….Okay,its not like i’m the greatest fan of Timon and Pumba around(i’m more of a Flintstones person myself) but i always wanted to start something off that way.

Now,Word press sent me a mail on how to make my blog the “talk of cyberspace”.And apparently the first step is to cultivate my already healthy(and sometimes quite obese)ego. Not a problem.Have any of you seen an abandoned house? Good. Have you ever seen an abandoned ,unfinished house? You have!!Awesome(or creepy..what are you doing around so many abandoned houses?) Imagine the ones where you go DOWN a flight of stairs,open a door and fall 10 feet to the ground(I thought i told you it was UNFINISHED!! ).Well,that is kind of how i am. No,that does not mean i will drop you from 10 feet above…not yet anyway.I am essentially a Work in Progress,where Progress has gone on an indefinite strike.

This blog was inspired by a friend of mine who said that”I shouldn’t be the only one privileged enough to share your amazing flights of thought” (Her exact words were “I should’nt be the only one cursed to hearing your never ending ranting” but i’m pretty sure this is what she really meant).So to that awesome
friend of mine and enemy of the world ,this is dedicated to you.And yes that includes all the possible “For the love of God,NEVER blog again” messages as well…..

Yep....thats me!
Yep….thats me!

Signing off
The Mad,mad scientist
*Evil laugh*
*Choking after the evil laugh*
*Someone get me my inhaler!!*
*Wait,i don’t have asthma*
*False alarm*


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